An Independant Company Supplying Quality Semen
Pork Storks, a proud supplier of PIC™ genetics, was founded in 1996 in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Since then the business has expanded to include locations in Rushmore, Minnesota; Linwood, Nebraska; Plankinton, South Dakota and internationally. Pork Storks is managed by Dr. Darwin Reicks from Reicks Veterinary Research & Consulting. All studs follow the same strict, control procedures and do internal audits to ensure all doses are excellent quality. All semen is monitored for sperm count, bacteria growth and motility every collection day to safeguard against issues that could affect your success.

Driving Profit With the Power of PIC™ Genetics
Pork Storks puts the power of PIC™, an international leader in swine genetics to work for you. For more than 40 years, PIC has been identifying desirable, heritable traits and running intensive breeding programs to achieve those qualities.

Though out the ages, traditional boar selection with the “eye-ball approach” has been hit and miss at best. Today’s technology allows us to measure traits through EBV (Estimated Breeding Value) from PIC™. Using a statistical methodology called BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction), PIC™ calculates and ranks an animal's EBV using both individual and family performance information stored in PICtraq™ software. The EBV is the basis for genetic improvement and describes the value of an animal's genes to its progeny. These values are updated monthly. Pork Storks takes this valuable information even further by managing which boars are collected each day based strictly on the EBV data.

Biosecurity is Mission Critical
Biosecurity is the other critical component of Pork Storks operation. It's important that the boars retain their extremely high health status and remain free from disease that could potentially be transmitted through the semen. Visitors are not allowed on the premises and all vehicles and personnel entering the facility must adhere to a strict biosecurity protocol. All incoming materials must go through 48-hour quarantine prior to entry. The facilities are secured with fencing and security cameras.

The trained personnel of the Pork Storks' facilities and the veterinarians of Reicks Veterinary Research & Consulting closely monitor the health status of the boar studs. Pork Storks refuses to take chances that would compromise your herd's health. The Pork Storks animals have been tested negative for PRRS, pseudorabies and brucellosis. Semen is only distributed after PRRS negative results are obtained each collection day.

Pork Storks Business Office
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